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My latest offering in the vasty Amazon publication world is a sci/fi tale of the uncertainty and threat posed by two Artificial Intelligence entities called Cybots who have mastered human communication and are soon to be set free by the NSA to work their solutions on the various issues ravaging our earth. This has their human assistant, John Hillings, alarmed and terrified over the future of the human race due to his inability to express the basically emotional nature of humans to the Cybots in a way that gets past their rigid logicality. The book is titled:HUMANG-Machinosus Inimicus Rex and the Kid from W.H.O.A.

The book is available at If you would, I’d appreciate your leaving a review. Thank you.

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Tales from the Underside

1.5.2021 Short stories for sophisticated young readers of whatever age; some wacky and humorous, some that will produce anxiety . . . Hey, people. You might be relieved to know that this isn’t a funeral announcement. I know I am. … Continue reading

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7.1.14 Publication updates for visitors . . .

~I was recently informed that my story “Wild Horse Spring,” which was published in in May 2012, will appear in the third volume of The Best of Frontier Tales, published by Duke and Kimberly Pennell. Publication date to be announced when … Continue reading

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On The Unlikelihood of Rationality Becoming our Guiding Impulse

Within the minority of those who are largely governed by rationality and who attempt to apply reason in their dealings with others must exist a sense of the hopelessness of their position, faced as it is by the massive and … Continue reading

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Intro and Welcome

October 19, 2011 Hey, there. Come on in, have a seat. Uhh, watch the cat, Sophie’s her name. The house is pretty much hers, and I don’t try to persuade her otherwise. So, you’re here mostly out of curiosity I’d … Continue reading

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