7.1.14 Publication updates for visitors . . .

~I was recently informed that my story “Wild Horse Spring,” which was published in FrontierTales.com in May 2012, will appear in the third volume of The Best of Frontier Tales, published by Duke and Kimberly Pennell. Publication date to be announced when available. If you can’t wait for the book, the story is archived at: http://www.frontiertales.com/archives/2012/05May/wild_horse_spring.php (It is not available anymore).

~In case you haven’t read it and are panting to do so, another western story of mine, “The Gringo,” is available at: http://thewesternonline.com/thegringo.html.

~A surreal story titled “Sojourn in a Monkey Suit” can be found at:  http://www.defenestrationmag.net/2014/08/sojourn-in-a-monkey-suit-by-steve-smith/

~A story about my brief baseball career called “A Brush with the Bigs” was printed by Hobart Magazine in its annual baseball issue and can be found at: http://www.hobartpulp.com/preview/web_features/a-brush-with-the-bigs

~A chapter from book 2 of my military memoir, “Close Enough for Jazz,” titled “Taps for Sergeant Halder,” can be found at: http://militaryexperience.org/taps-for-sergeant-halder/

~A story about a little girl who practices mayhem with the help of her dog, “Janie & Spot, Renovators, LTD, was published by Drive In Tales, the summer of 2015 issue. It can be found at: https://www.joomag.com/magazine/drive-in-tales-summer-2015/0481472001410892708

After a drunken encounter with a knife wielding sociopath, things get weird for martial artist Rick Stancil. This is an urban fantasy titled “Weeder” defined by author/editor Ceinwen Haydon  as “A dark story, skillfully told, that casts a perverse spell.” It is found at: http://www.fictionontheweb.co.uk/2016/04/weeder-by-steve-smith.html

~A sci/fi fantasy story, “The Alexandria Ring,” features a love connection between an arc-rider from the 2600s and a lumbering neer-do-well in Oklahoma of 1908.  It is  published by Main Street Rag in an anthology called “It’s About Time.”.

~A favorite story of mine is “The Furnace,” a Civil War story about a wounded Confederate private who communes with his intended on the battlefield.

Above hasn’t found a home yet . . .

Some two-dozen other stories are in process of finding a home in the print world or the net, whichever comes first.

I’m currently in the throes of going “indie” with my three-volume memoir of my wacky days in the peacetime Army. This means having covers designed, the books formatted properly, and a distributor engaged. The minute they become available via POD, or as e-books, this site, and others, will trumpet the fact. Then follows the publication of my novel, “The Whammy/A Twisty Sort of Love Story.” I know the world is waiting breathlessly . . .


About Steve Smith

Lived in: Waterloo, IA; Hobbs, NM; El Paso, TX (Austin Hi, TWC); Kitzingen, GY (Army); Grand Rapids, MI; Sierra Vista, AZ (Current). Family: Wife Peggy (aka Margaret Jean); Son Erick; Daughter Maj (aka Keli Mai); Kittens Sophie (above) and Squeaker; Sherm, a tarantula . Interests: Reading (Fic and Non-fic); Writing (finished novel, memoir, novellette, short stories, sports articles for local press); Slow-pitch softball; Music (Classical, Jazz, New Age; playing trumpet). Memberships: CochiseWriters critique group; Horse'n Around Horse Rescue of Southern Cochise County, AZ. Work History; Steelcase, Inc, Grand Rapids, MI (Computer programmer); Kent County Library System, at East Grand Rapids Library, MI (clerk). Capsule: A lover of the desert and all things western as a result of growing up in Hobbs, New Mexico, and El Paso, Texas, Steve Smith moved back to Southeast Arizona after forty years in the humid summers and cold winters of Michigan. He lives on a “ranchette” surrounded by mountains with wife Peggy, three horses, several cats, and assorted tarantulas and vinegarones. He and Peggy are volunteers at the Horse’n Around Horse Rescue located at the Single Star Ranch just up the road.
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