Tales from the Underside


Short stories for sophisticated young readers of whatever age; some wacky and humorous, some that will produce anxiety . . .

Hey, people. You might be relieved to know that this isn’t a funeral announcement. I know I am. Anyway, it is to inform you that the first of four books I’ve recently completed is available on Amazon. It is titled Tales from the Underside, and features stories for readers from fifteen to ninety. Well, eighty-two.

Themes range from a guy forced into a western-style duel in a southwestern desert, a Pakistani slum kid being indoctrinated to blow himself up, a starving cat giving his rescuer a lesson in commitment, a farmer being questioned by one of his cows who was sent by the herd elders to ask some stiff questions, to mention a few. The softcover book costs $8.50 plus shipping, less than five bucks, and the e-book costs $2.00.

The three books to follow are another volume of short stories, for a more mature audience, called Slightly Bent, which might give away the thrust of its material. Then there follows a book on Artificial Intelligence called Humang/A Cautionary tale of Free-Range Artificial Intelligence. This probes the near future when power begins to shift from human hands into those of the entities called AIs. The last book is a lengthy novel on a relationship gone south, called The Whammy, in which a man, after having undergone an uncomfortable session with a stage hypnotist, uses this to precipitate the divorce that he wants but is afraid of the heavy losses he’ll incur by going through the usual court process.

So, I don’t expect much to come of this announcement, reading tastes being such a personal matter. But if you do make a purchase I ask that you provide a review if you’re able to wade through my verbal undergrowth. This can be either positive or repelling, as befits your experience. I guess that’s it. Thanks, if you made it this far. The books can be found at: https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B01I4C0RCQ


About Steve Smith

Lived in: Waterloo, IA; Hobbs, NM; El Paso, TX (Austin Hi, TWC); Kitzingen, GY (Army); Grand Rapids, MI; Sierra Vista, AZ (Current). Family: Wife Peggy (aka Margaret Jean); Son Erick; Daughter Maj (aka Keli Mai); Kittens Sophie (above) and Squeaker; Sherm, a tarantula . Interests: Reading (Fic and Non-fic); Writing (finished novel, memoir, novellette, short stories, sports articles for local press); Slow-pitch softball; Music (Classical, Jazz, New Age; playing trumpet). Memberships: CochiseWriters critique group; Horse'n Around Horse Rescue of Southern Cochise County, AZ. Work History; Steelcase, Inc, Grand Rapids, MI (Computer programmer); Kent County Library System, at East Grand Rapids Library, MI (clerk). Capsule: A lover of the desert and all things western as a result of growing up in Hobbs, New Mexico, and El Paso, Texas, Steve Smith moved back to Southeast Arizona after forty years in the humid summers and cold winters of Michigan. He lives on a “ranchette” surrounded by mountains with wife Peggy, three horses, several cats, and assorted tarantulas and vinegarones. He and Peggy are volunteers at the Horse’n Around Horse Rescue located at the Single Star Ranch just up the road.
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